Veggie Magazine have created a 'Cruelty Free Sleep Plan' including our LOVE After Dark Face Oil

'Wake up feeling radiant by applying a few drops of this glow-enhancing oil before bed. It unleashes the rejuvenating power of rose and rosehip seed oil to boost skin renewal.'

We LOVE the extra tips for a great night's rest by Tiina Hoffman, exercise physiologist and wellness expert at Firstbeat (

'1. Perfect your pre-bed routine adopt good habits, such as taking regular screen breaks, getting fresh air, eating wholesome food, exercising and staying hydrated. Just before you go to bed, make sure you do a relaxing activity, like reading a book, knitting or listening to calm music, as this will help you switch off.

2. Exercise, but the right kind although I’d encourage doing meditation, yoga or going for a walk in the evenings, stay away from high intensity exercise. This gets your heart rate too high to allow your body to recover and relax enough for sleep.

3. Think about what you’re eating try to avoid caffeine and heavy proteins into the evening, as any form of stimulant will raise your heart rate and keep your body active. Instead, opt for easily digestible carbohydrates which will release energy slowly, and help you to wind down.'