The more comfortable our bed, the better we sleep. That does't just mean the mattress and the pillow - it also means what goes on top. It makes sense that what we put next to our skin makes a massive difference so sheets and pillow cases matter. Given we spend a third of our lives sleeping, it makes sense to choose carefully when it comes to bedding. Cotton is great but if you want something really special - there's only one choice for us - the luxury of linen.  Yes, we know it's pricey - but it is so worth saving up for.  Here's why...


Three reasons we love linen


100% natural and made from the fibres of the flax plant, it takes time and care to manufacture (hence the price tag) but the end result is very absorbent, super breathable and cool to the touch. It all means that it has a magical power to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Given our body temperature is one of the biggest factors that can lead to sleepless nights, the temperature control properties of linen make it the perfect textile for bedding. 



Because of the nature of the fibres, the more you wash it, the softer linen becomes. It's tougher than it looks too so lasts ages - with wear and tear only happening when it is repeatedly folded and ironed in the same place over a long period of time (that's why you sometimes do see threads breaking on linen shirts at the crease of the collar). Even better news - the experts say for best results, leave to dry naturally and do not iron (yay!). The creases will drop out of their own accord and leave you with a soft, smooth surface to snuggle up in. Easy peasy.



As all the more stylish home interior mags will show you, linen looks as good as it feels. Just the right side of crumbled, it looks lived in without being shabby. It comes in the most beautiful hues too - natural and delicate usually, think ecru, slate, rose. Even the names sound gorgeous. Best piled high it's a great thing to start collecting and a sure-fire way to add a bit of French style chic to your bedroom.




Brand new for this Summer - the stylish ladies at Rockett St George have found a gorgeous linen range that has its own style (those frills - love!) and comes in some wow colours (check out the pops of lime).

Lovely linen from Rockett St George



The bedding gurus at The Linen Works know exactly what makes a amazing place to sleep. Their beautiful products appear in all the best stores and they are well-known for their 'simple and understated style in soft muted tones'. We are lusting after their latest fringe bed linen - bound to be a new classic we reckon. 

The Linen Works bedding - loved by Kiss the Moon



For timeless style check out the linen range from Woods of Harrogate. This family of master drapers from our very own North Yorkshire have been experts in linen since 1733. Every they stock in their treasure trove of a store is creme de la creme. Their Irish Linen Oxford Pillowcases are really something special. Crafted from pure linen with a 122 thread count - fit for a queen (and yes, she shops there too). 

Gorgeous linens from Woods of Harrogate - loved by Kiss the Moon


PS> DID YOU KNOW: The word lingerie is a term (via French) that originally denotes underwear made of linen. Oooh la la!