Fact: Lockdown messes with our sleep patterns - Our Lockdown Sleep Survey back in the Spring revealed just how much the change in routine made it harder to get a good night’s rest. The result - low energy, short tempers and a tired and stressed nation

Two weeks into the current restrictions, we know lots of us are feeling the strain again. So, here are three troubleshooting tips to help you get your lockdown sleep patterns back on track…

HOW TO: Chill out the whole house 

With everyone spending more time under the same roof sometimes it can be tricky keeping the peace. Lighting a relaxing Aromatherapy Soy Candle is a simple way to change the mood and get the whole clan to dial things down a little ahead of bed time. Turn the lights down low, switch on Netflix and cuddle up. Pure bliss

HOW TO: Wind down to sleep mode

Slow down mind, body and soul before bed by taking time out for a warm aromatherapy bath before bed. Add a generous helping of our Bedtime Bath Salts to ease away muscular tensions and clear your mind of the stresses of the day. Light a candle, play some music and emerge feeling chilled out and ready for a night of deep restorative sleep

HOW TO: Fall back to sleep more easily

Some of you reported dropping off no problem, but staying sound asleep another kettle of fish. That's when we recommend reaching for a Sleep Balm. Massaged in to pulse points at your wrists and temple, our DREAM Sleep Balm with Lavender & Bergamot is perfect to soothe light sleepers back to the land of nod