Mirror mirror on the wall, how do I know if my skin is dry? The last in our series of mirror test helps you identify:

Dehydrated Skin

What to look for: 

More visible wrinkles and a crepey feel


Dry skin is caused by loss of natural oil from the skin's surface.  Dehydrated skin is a result of loss of water from the deeper layers.  Both are a result of a poor cell repair and are antagonised by external factors such as over exposure to aircon, heating and harsh weather conditions. The older we get the more prone our skin becomes.

What to do: 
  • Drink plenty of water through the day.
  • Upgrade your moisturiser to ensure it is heavy duty enough to do the job.
  • Consider an oil rather than a lotion at night for extra richness.
  • Add a drop of face oil to your daytime moisturiser to give it a nutrient and monitoring boost when you need one.

How Kiss the Moon can help: 

glow face oil

Our GLOW After Dark Face Oil is our first choice for dry and dehydrated skin.  It contains precious neroli (orange blossom) essential oil which is great for skin cell rejuvenation at cell level plus has geranium and myrrh for speedy healing