Next sign to look out for in our Morning Mirror Test to see how well rested your skin:


What to look for: 

Lacklustre skin that lacks smoothness and is missing its healthy glow


Lack of sleep disrupts the cell regeneration process so skin can't heal and renew itself fully. Old and damaged cells are rougher than newly formed healthy ones and can't hold moisture as well so don't appear as plump or fleshy.

What to do:

  • Gentle exfoliation will help speed up the removal of dead and damaged surface cells.
  • Moisturise and protect from the sun during the day to avoid more drying out.
  • Apply a nourishing night oil (ideally one high in natural vitamin A and E) to deliver nutrients at cell level and deeply moisturise.

How Kiss the Moon can help: 

glow face polishTry GLOW After Dark Face Polish - made from a unique combination of exfoliating natural brown sugar, skin softening mango butter and our signature blend of GLOW relaxing essential oils. Together they create a night-time face treatment that helps you make the most of your beauty sleep - caring for your skin while also helping you relax ready for a good night's rest. For best results apply to cleansed face once or twice weekly then follow with one of the Kiss the Moon nourishing After Dark Face Oils before slipping in to bed