Say hello to another naturally soothing essential oil that's perfect for bedtime - allow us to introduce you to the magic of myrrh...

Famously given by the Kings of the East as gifts to the baby Jesus - myrrh has long been considered as precious as gold for hundred of years thanks to its ability to heal and repair. A complex scent of spice, wood and herbs it is said that in Ancient Greece, no soldier when to war without a paste of myrrh in his pouch. Its healing properties mean it can be perfect for skin that needs a little TLC or a helping hand to repair. It’s also fungicidal so is great for things like cracked heels or chapped skin.  


We've included pure myrrh essential oil in our GLOW signature blend alongside oils from the Orange tree, Geranium and Litsea to create an uplighting scent that is ideal for dry and dehydrated skin.

GLOW by Kiss the Moon