We all want our home to smell fresh and gorgeous but personally, we don’t want to have to resort to anything artificial. We couldn’t resist sharing these clever ideas for ways to use nature to refresh your home…  

TIP ONE: Hang a bunch of eucalyptus over the shower head. The steam will release the natural oils contained in the leaves. It’s a perfect way to wake your senses in the morning and keep your shower room smelling amazing.  

TIP TWO: Cut an orange in to quarters. Eat the fleshy bits (no point wasting that vitamin C!). Then boil the skin and rind in a pan of hot water on the stove to rid your kitchen of any lingering cooking smells.  

TIP THREE: To deep clean chopping boards, use half a lemon and some sea salt and scrub it down before rinsing and leaving to dry. Once done – put the used lemon rind in the microwave and heat for a minute and that will smell zingy fresh too.   Don't forget that our After Dark Pillow Mists are 100% natural so they are a lively way to spritz up your bedding and towels and keep them smelling lovely. Available in LOVE (for rose lovers) & DREAM (for lavender lovers).  

Enjoy. x

100% natural Pillow Mists from Kiss the Moon