We've created two 100% natural pulse point balms, made from a blend of sleep-inducing essential oils and nourishing shea butter. They make the perfect travel companion or bedside table saviour for nights when you need a bit of extra help to fall soundly asleep. Simply massage in to your pulse points as required before bed or to help you drift back to sleep if you wake through the night.

DREAM After Dark Balm by Kiss the Moon Available in two of the Kiss the Moon aromatic signature blends. Choose from:

  • CALM (with Jasmine, Roman Chamomile, Ylang Ylang & Sandalwood – perfect for quietening overactive minds at night time)
  • DREAM (with Lavender, Bergamot, Cedarwood & Roman Chamomile – perfect for soothing the soul to sleep)

These lovely balms are the latest addition to our range of natural beauty and wellness products which, together with our After Dark Bath & Face Oils – are designed to help get you in to the right frame of mind for sleep and to nourish skin overnight.

Jo Foster, Kiss the Moon founder was inspired by a need to help get her own sleep back on track. “One in three people suffer from poor sleep on a regular basis. The link between inadequate sleep and poor health are now well-established so as an issue it needs tackling. On top of that, we all know from first-hand experience how lack of sleep can impact on how well we look and feel. Kiss the Moon is committed to creating beautiful natural products that can become part of our regular bedtime routines and can help people get the rest their body really needs.”  

After Dark CALM Balm - Available in (12ml e 0.4oz) £16 

After Dark DREAM Balm - Available in (12ml e 0.4oz) £16