Beautifully scent your home after dark with these hand-poured wax melts in two of our sleep-inducing aromatherapy blends. Simply place 1-2 melts in to the well of an electric or oil burner & warm to release the pure essential oil aroma. For best results melt for 1-3 hours

wax melt melting

Choose from:

  • GLOW: with Orange & Geranium to revive

Warm citrus notes of Orange mingled with gentle floral Geranium. Together they create an uplifting fragrance that revives the soul and brightens the mood at bedtime


glow wax melts

  • DREAM: with Lavender & Bergamot to soothe

Relaxing Lavender is famous for its ability to help us drift into sleep mode. We’ve blended it together with a fresh twist of Bergamot to create a soothing aroma that clears the mind and eases away tensions at the end of a busy day

wax melts burner


Also Available:

GLOW Aromatherapy Wax Melts Gift Set - Scent your home and revive your spirits after dark with this boxed gift set containing 18 Orange & Geranium Wax Soy Melts and a black ceramic Aromatherapy Burner. 8hr tea light included

GLOW Soy Wax Melts + Ceramic Burner + Tea light

RRP £25

 gift box wax burner


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