Did you know that our award-winning bath oils are one the most versatile products we make? Here are three different ways you can use them to help you relax, de-stress and have a better night’s sleep…



Of course they are gorgeous when added to a deep warm tub of water. A bath before bed is one of most effective ways to slow down your mind and unwind after dark. Soaking in warm scented water helps muscles to release tensions and when you step out the drop in temperature sends a signal to your brain that it’s night-time and so encourages the sleepy hormone to be produced.

Top Tip: To make the most of the experience, run your bath first and wait until the tap is turned off and the water is still before adding the bath oil. Take a nice deep breath as the sleep-inducing essential oils hit the water to get the full benefit from their therapeutic effect. And relax…




Because our bath oils are 100% natural and contain no chemical nasties, they can be applied directly on to your skin and are fab in the shower when the steam and water combine to give you a bumper aromatherapy experience. Massage direct in to your skin then step (carefully) in to a steamy warm shower and rinse off. The coconut and jojoba oils will leave your skin super nourished and moisturised from to toe.




Massage eases away tensions and works wonders on tired limbs. Our bath oils double-up as beautiful massage oils thank to the super-rich nutrient oils we have included. Whether you are massaging yourself of someone else, just apply a small helping in to the palm of one hand, rub your hands together to warm the oils and release the fragrance then massage gently into skin in long slow movements and gently circular action. Take a few deep breaths as you apply the oils and feel the tension slip away.


Our Bath Oils are available in three of our night-time aromatherapy blends. Which one will you choose?



LOVE – the rejuvenating power of Rose & Frankincense to lull you to sleep and nurture your skin and your soul at bedtime


GLOW – with Orange & Geranium to restore body, mind and soul that nourishes dry skin and help chase worries away at bedtime


DREAM – a soothing blend of Lavender & Bergamot to help ease away tension and encourage a deeper night’s sleep

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