Big news. Just a day or two after our first birthday and we're proud to announce our sleep-inducing beauty and wellness products are now officially available from Selfridges, Oxford Street, London.


Kiss the Moon now available from Selfridges


Find us in the Astrolounge on the LG floor - the epicentre of the store's Christmas experience. The theme this year is inspired by the stars the planets and of course, the moon. We're delighted to be part of it and to give you the chance to get close up and try our our goodies in person.  Don't miss it -  the Astrolounge is really very special. Here's a first look...


Kiss the Moon now available from Selfridges


Dramatically black and full of beautiful objects - lit by hundreds of gently glowing copper lights. The Astrolounge is very special. We'll share more images of what's going on in there very soon. Meanwhile, pop by and have a look before the Christmas rush.  


Selfridges, 400 Oxford Street, London, W1A 1 AB. Click here for store opening times. Kiss the Moon is also available online from Happy shopping. xx