"I have decided that Kiss the Moon Sleep Recovery* bedtime baths are quite possibly my favourite baths - which I'll admit is an incredible bold statement with the likes of Lush on the scene. But I can honestly say I have never felt so relaxed before bed than after I up-ended half of their Glow After Dark Bath Oil* into the tub and settled in with my Youtube playlist - if you haven't tried this it is the best way to catch up on vlogs."

"The truth is, I didn't really notice a major difference until I stepped out of the bath - my achy muscles felt fantastic, my skin nourished (without being greasy) and by the time I'd crossed the threshold to my room I was just about ready to crawl into bed."   Read the full article and more beauty and wellness insights on Charley's blog: Ramblings of a BeautyBlogger. Kiss the Moon Sleep Recovery Sets are available in GLOW & LOVE - click here to shop now. Kiss the Moon review from ramblingsofabeautyblogger.com