We have all heard the message now about important it is to wash our hands with soap and water regularly through the day, but why is soap so important in combating this virus? 

Unfortunately our skin is the perfect surface for a virus because of the dead skin cells on the outer layer which contain proteins and fatty acids, the perfect materials for a virus to interact with. When you touch a hard, smooth surface with even just one virus particle on it, it will immediately transfer to your hands (and potentially infect you if you go on to touch your face, eyes, mouth etc)

Virus' are a bundle of particles bonded together by a lipid (fatty) bilayer and the best way to destroy them - and make them inactive - is to dissolve that fat membrane and break apart the particles. Your best tool for doing this? You guessed it - good old fashioned soap

Our Pure Essential Oil Soaps are 100% natural are handmade with natural glycerine to keep skin healthy and moisturised (hence the lovely lather) and are loaded with pure aromatherapy oils to leave your skin gentle scented as well as germ - and virus - free

lathered up soap

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