Love the long light days but hate getting up at the crack of dawn?  Here's why blackout blinds could be the answer...  

We've only just passed the longest day of the year and we’re loving all the daylight, but the early sunrise and late sunsets can make it hard to get the required eight hours of shut eye. Our sleep patterns are regulated by light levels so if light is flooding in to your bedroom late into the night and again in the early hours, you are likely to wake up sooner than you want or need to.

Side step all this by investing in some blackout blinds for your bedrooms. Fit behind your curtains so you can create a lovely darkness to slumber in whenever you need to.

Check out the range available at  who are offering a free blackout upgrade at the moment or pop in to John Lewis and see what they have on offer.

Or you could just don that sleep mask. We are offering a free silk sleep mask with every 2 products from our new Summer Take AwaysPerfect to catch up on your Zzz's whatever time zone you are in …

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