Want to improve your memory? Then make sure you are getting enough sleep.

The link between memory and sleep has been known for a while. Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania showed that just two hours of missed sleep in adults is enough to disrupt the natural night time process of laying down and storing memories.  

The Sleep Research Unit based in Loughborough University, here in the UK, have also conducted trials to show that the older we get the steeper the rise in missed sleep induced forgetfulness. Last year a study conducted by US and Chinese scientists uncovered what was going on in the brain while we are sleeping. They witnessed new synapses - connections between brain cells - being formed during sleep.  

By teaching a new skill during the day and then observing brain waves in mice - some of which had a good night's sleep and others who had distributed sleep, they proved that more connections were made when learning was followed by sleep. The sleepers performed much better the next day, suggesting they had learned more.

If you want to keep your memory sharp, get some shut eye.


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