We are exploring the power of sleep this month and the impact it can have on achieving all those January resolutions. Are you exercising more? Eating more veg? While both matter, the science shows that there’s a third pillar of wellness that matters as much, if not more – investing in a good night’s sleep

We know now that sleep doesn’t just make you look and feel better, it’s also vital to our overall health. When we sleep our heart rate falls and our vital organs have a well-earned bit of powered down time. Our minds sort out memories and cleanse themselves of toxins, and our body cells repair themselves

In fact it is only during high-quality sleep that your body restores and reboots the body's functions, including the immune system, hormone production, appetite, skin and cell regenerations. And the resetting of all these systems plays a role in your energy levels the next day. Whilst your step-counter might seem like the only tracker you need to monitor your fitness, you also need to be tracking your sleep quality to ensure you will have enough energy to operate at your peak potential the next day

The first sign of poor sleep often shows on our skin – tired eyes, dull complexion, pesky breakouts. So, if there’s one simple thing you can do to look after yourself better in 2020 is to invest in your beauty sleep

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