It's that time of year when we lose an hour in bed at the weekend (but gain those beautiful light days so it is worth it). Helping our body know when to go to sleep and when to be awake can be testing in these turbulent times but these three things should help you to stay in rhythm 


Reclaim the end of the day as your own and separate it from the hecticness of everyday life right now. Even fifteen minutes devoted to winding down can act like a pressure valve, helping you make sense of the day and quiet your mind before bed.  For some this 'de-pressure zone' time might be a chance to read a book or listen to music or take a bath. Just don't expect to finish blitzing the kitchen and then slip straight of to the Land of Nod, make room for a little 'me-time'

end of day me time


We know that time has taken on a whole new dimension and our regular daily routines have been thrown out of the window. But going to sleep and waking up at the same time improves the quality of rest and your chances of a getting a good night's shut eye

Because we sleep in cycles it is good to think about sleep in 90 minute chunks. Pick a time that you want to wake up, work back the number of hours you need to sleep (for most of us that is 7-8 hrs a night) and set yourself a bedtime from there. After all it might be the only thing in your diary, but at least it is an important one




Let's face it, somethings things go a little array. Don't just lie there tossing and turning allowing the frustration to raise your cortisol levels (the hormone that is designed to wake you up). Have something in your back pocket to try: breathing exercises, listening to some soothing music, even sitting doing some jigsaw will help you take your mind off distracting thoughts and help settle you back down. Our Kiss the Moon Sleep Balms are perfect to have by your bedside for nights when you wake and struggle to get back to sleep.

after dark sleep balms