100% natural night-time aromatherapy to help you sleep beautifully


Sunburnt? Lavender can help

Sunburnt? Lavender can help - by Kiss the Moon

Lavender oil is well-known as an aid to sleep but did you know it is also super soothing for your skin?  This natural healer has been used for generations to reduce inflammation and take away pain and soreness. If you've overdone it in the sun, have a soak in a bath of warm water with our DREAM After Dark Bath Oil. As well as Lavender it contains healing Jojoba and Wheatgerm to help skin repair. Plus more sleepy essential oils - Bergamot, Cedarwood and gentle Chamomile. So smells like heaven too of course.

DREAM After Dark Bath Oil - available here

Too hot for a bath?

Because our bath oils are 100% natural you can also put them directly on to your skin before you step in to the shower so you can benefit from the same skin and sleep effects even on sticky summer nights. 

DREAM After Dark Bath Oil from Kiss the Moon