Ten easy ways to invest in yourself this month…

1. Paint your nails

Who doesn’t feel better with bright and shiny toenails?


2. Stop and do nothing for 15 seconds

Check out the award winning app from Calm


3. Eat lunch outside

Fresh air clears the mind as well as the lungs, so grab your sandwich and get out there


4. Play that song

Have your favourite tunes on hand and press play when you need a quick mood change. Extra points if you get up and dance.


5. Smile at a stranger

Smile at someone just because 9 times out of ten they’ll smile back and you’ll both feel better. Try it. It works.

6. Take a book to bed

Forget the screens for a night. The blue light they emit messes with your sleep and anyway, we spend too long plugged in. Instead head to bed early and get lost in a book for an hour or two. We bet you sleep better for it.

7. Have a meat free week

Red meat is hard work for the digestion and too much of it isn’t great for our health. Choose fish and veggies for a week instead and see

8. Have a DIY Spa Night

Get your fluffiest bath robe at the ready, put the do not disturb sign on the bathroom door and treat yourself to an at home pamper session. We’re talking hair mask, face polish, soak in the tub, candles, chilled out music – you get the picture.

9. Find some green

Being surrounded by nature has been proven to be good for our body as well as our mind. Escape to the park or the countryside for an afternoon. The trees are gorgeous at this time of year so go hug one.

10. Ease tired feet

Our poor feet work hard all day and are often at the back of the queue when it comes to being looked after. Ease tired and aching feet by treating them to a bath with our bath salts. They contain detoxifying magnesium and dead sea salts to ease aches and soothe the skin. Smelly feet? Then choose the DREAM blend – the lavender in there is antimicrobial and antibacterial.