Did you know that the human body has seven main pulse points? They are the points where our arteries run close to the surface. They’re located all around the body – from the side of the neck to the ankle. Because of their location and ease of access, the most useful pulse points for aromatherapy are our wrists and temples and they're the places we recommend applying our After Dark Balms.  Find out why and follow our tips on how to apply for maximum effect:

CALM After Dark Balm by Kiss the Moon  

Essential oils are absorbed in to our body in two ways – through respiration as we breath in the aromas and through absorption in to the blood stream via the skin. As the blood is flowing close to the surface of the skin at our pulse points, essential oils applied there can filter into the bloodstream quickly.  

To get the maximum benefits from our lovely new After Dark Balms, follow these simple steps:

To apply balm to wrists:

  • Using your two index fingers, apply a fingertip sized amount of your favorite Kiss the Moon balm to the inside of each wrist, one at a time.
  • Gently rub in the inside of your wrists together in a slow circular motion for 5-10 seconds to warm the balm and help release the aroma.
  • Holding your wrists together facing you, close your eyes and inhale the aroma. Three deep slow breaths should do it (in through your nose, out through your mouth)  

To apply balm to temples: 

  • Start by pinpointing your temple pulse point (using your index fingers, find the ‘soft spot’ on both side of your forehead, just in front of your hairline and above your cheekbone).
  • Apply a fingertip sized amount of your favorite Kiss the Moon balm to the each of your index fingers
  • Close your eyes and relax
  • Using both your index finger and middle fingers together massage gentle in to your temples using slow circular motion for 10-20 seconds
  • Take three slow deep breaths to inhale the aromas (in through your nose, out through your mouth)  
Night, night, Sleep beautifully xx