Life is always a little stressful at this time of year and this September feels like everyone has got concerns about getting back to work and school and keeping healthy and well. So we feel now is the perfect time to launch our latest little set - CALM STRESS LESS SET

This little box of night-time bliss will help you ease away the stress at the end of the day, with its trio of rebalancing Jasmine & Sandalwood treats

Let's check out what is inside and what steps to take to help you unwind:


NEW CALM Bedtime Bath Salts 50g 

Step 1 : Take a Bedtime Soak

Introducing our CALM Bedtime Bath Salts, the newest blend in our popular bath salts range to help you soak away the day. These natural magnesium-rich mineral salts are infused with Jasmine & Chamomile essential oils to ease aching muscles and rebalance your body and soul after dark


CALM FACE OILCALM After Dark Face Oil 5ml

Step 2: Beauty Sleep in a Bottle

Nourish your skin before bed with our CALM After Dark Face Oil, a blend of our CALM aromatherapy oils, combined with omega-rich White Tea Seed Oil to rebalance stressed out skin


CALM Sleep Balm 12ml

 Step 3: Bedside Support

Apply our best-selling CALM Sleep Balm to wrists & temples before bed to quieten overactive minds at bedtime and help you drift peacefully off to sleep