When it comes to aromatherapy, the orange tree is a hard worker - providing three different types of essential oils from different parts of the plant, each with a contribution to make towards helping create a relaxed, positive mood and sense of well-being.

The zippiest of the lot is oil pressed from the skin of the fruit - whether you choose sweet or bitter orange, both give a fresh uplifting zing that cheers the soul.

orange, Kiss the Moon

However, when to comes to helping you get in the right frame of mind for sleep, the true asset is neroli oil - a precious flower essential oil distilled from orange blossom.  It’s named after an ancient Italian princess who fell in love with the perfume.  No wonder she fell for its charms - it’s not only beautiful as a scent, but is mildly sedative and can calm states of anxiety - so great for nights when your mind is working overtime and you need it to still.  Neroli is also gorgeous for the skin as it stimulates growth of new cells.  It’s know in beauty industry as nature’s rejuvenator and is used to give skin a healthy glow.

For a similar but less potent perfume, choose petitgrain - distilled from the young leaves of bitter orange trees.  It has less of a sedative effect compared to pure neroli, but still helps instil a feeling of optimism, calm and restfulness.  It is great for the skin too, being gently antiseptic and great at balancing skin’s own sebum production.

All this from an orange - who knew?

kiss the moon glow after dark face oil travel size

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