Well, this is getting to be a habit. Hot on the heels of last week's Veggie Award, we've only gone and been shortlisted for the 2016 Freefrom Skincare Awards.    

We are particularly chuffed as we only entered two products and both have made the list - our DREAM After Dark Bath Oil is a finalist for Best Bath Product and our GLOW After Dark Face Oil for Best Face Oil.  Awards are announced on the 8th July so please cross your fingers for us...  

Meet the contenders

dream bath oil

DREAM After Dark Bath Oil -  £38 for 100ml  

Two ways it can help you...

BEAUTIFUL SLEEP: With a generous helping of French Lavender oil – known as nature’s sedative. We’ve freshened things with the apple scented Roman Chamomile good for easing away aches and pains; soft, citrusy Bergamot to brighten the spirit and balanced the set with the sweet balsamic notes of Cedarwood, loved for it’s calming

BEAUTIFUL SKIN: Notoriously gentle – lavender is a perfect night time bath oil, able to balance skin’s own oil production and encourage healthy new cells to form. With Roman Chamomile – a godsend for very sensitive or dry skin as it can calm and soothe    


IMG_9946 GLOW After Dark Face Oil  £48 for 30ml   Two ways it can help you...

BEAUTIFUL SLEEP: Deliciously scented citruses and florals combine to chase away anxiety and encourage a positive spirit so you go to bed full of optimism. With Litsea oil – a light citrus shrub with a scent that is similar to lemongrass – used in Chinese medicine to calm the mind and spirit

BEAUTIFUL SKIN: With vitamin A loaded Rosehip Seed oil - proven to improve skin’s moisture levels and minimise the appearance of wrinkles. Blended with our GLOW essential oils: skin rejuvenating Neroli, healing Geranium and Myrrh and the rebalancing Litsea  

Click here to see who else is shortlisted. Good luck everyone.