We were interested to hear Sir David Attenborough interviewed on his 90th birthday last month. He was asked what was the one thing he wished people would do to save the planet. His answer – waste less. Here are our 6 little ways you can grant him his birthday wish…


Switch it off 

Stop wasting energy by switching off lights and electrical items when you leave a room. Unplug phone chargers when they’re not in use. Don’t be tempted by the stand-by button.


Support your local milkman

The oldest and probably the easiest way to recycle ever and you are supporting a local producer. Find yours and sign up today.

Do a Beauty Audit

Make a mental note of which beauty products you use up, squeezing out every last drop vs the ones that linger in the cupboard half used for ages and shop accordingly. Aim for more empties and fewer half-finished throwaways.


Junk the Junk Mail

Collate unwanted mail that arrives in a month in to a pile then spend an hour unsubscribing from those mailing lists.

Soap not Handwash

Go old school when it comes to washing your hands. Swap out your plastic bottled handwash and swap in a lovely bar of soap. Kinder for the planet and for your skin.

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