www.mariamascara.com - 05 March 2015


Kiss the Moon and reach for the stars this Mother's Day  - Beauty Blogger Maria Mascara reviews our bath & face oils...


GLOW After Dark Bath Oil by Kiss the Moon

"Pre-bedtime you just add two pipettes of the oil into warm bath water. The oil has a beautiful rich aroma, is beautifully moisturising on the skin and boy, does it knock you out!" "In our crazy, modern, stressed out world I really think these would make a great Mother’s Day gift, don’t you?"

CALM After Dark Face Oil by Kiss the Moon    

"I rubbed a few drops into my face after night time cleansing. It has a very strong, beautiful aroma, is gentle on your skin whilst being highly moisturising, and cannot fail to get you into the ‘land of nod’. I would say this is more intense than the bath oil and clearly ideal if you don’t have time for a bath in the evening."  

Maria, Beauty Blogger  

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