Festival season is great for the soul, but all that partying and sleeping on a bumpy camp bed can mean we miss out on some precious beauty sleep. Skin repairs itself overnight so poor sleep can so easily lead to poor skin. Here are five skincare tips to help you enjoy all the festival fun and keep your natural Summer glow…    


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1. Make sure you load up on beauty sleep in the run up – the effects of lost sleep are cumulative so arrive well rested having had a good couple of nights of lovely shut eye. If you do skimp on sleep while you are there it will be easier to bear and you’ll bounce back faster  

2. Make the most of all that fresh air and relaxed vibe by ditching the heavy make up. Prepare your skin in advance by treating it to a good exfoliation treatment. It will help slough away dead surface skin and leave it looking naturally radiant – no make up needed Try our GLOW After Dark Face Polish – a blend of brown sugar, mango butter and relaxing essential oils that smooth and soften skin before bed so you wake up looking gorgeous




3. Long days outdoors take their toll on our skin. Even mild sunshine is enough to leave you dehydrated and damage your skin. Keep a big bottle of water handy so you can sip it through the day and don’t skimp on the suncream. Invest in a tinted moisturiser for your face with at least SPF30 in it. Add sunglasses and a hat and you are all set for a fabulous day.  

4. However late it is when you turn in for the night, take 2 minutes to cleanse and moisturise your face before you go to sleep. While we normally turn our nose up at the idea of face wipes, sometimes they just make sense and this occasion is one of them. Moisturising with a nutrient rich night cream or face oil will help restore your skin’s balance after a day in the sun and prevent it drying out. Try our travel-size After Dark Face Oils – super nourishing and fast-absorbing, they come in handy 5ml sizes so you can pop one your wash-bag without taking up loads of space

Calm Mini Moment Face Oil   



5. When you get home you’ll no doubt be happy and tired in equal measure. Now’s the time to make sure you catch up on lost sleep and give your body chance to restore itself. One of the best ways to unwind is a lovely long soak in the bath - just after a long active weekend. Our Kiss the Moon Sleep Recovery Set contains everything you need to catch up on lost zzz’s including three gorgeous bath oils – ideal to ease tired muscles and help you drift off in to sleep mode 

Sleep Recovery Summer Offer by Kiss the Moon   Happy festival season everyone.

With love from Kiss the Moon

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