www.nouvelledaily.com - 25 March 2015

www.nouvelledaily.com - 25 March 2015

Meet Kiss the Moon, natural bath and face oils designed to send you off in to dream world without a hitch...

kiss_the_moon Dream After Dark Bath Oil £38


If you have trouble winding down in the evening, allow us to introduce you to your new best friend. This soothing bath oil smells nothing short of heavenly and has the sweetest, most relaxing lavender scent we've ever come across, it's not cloying or synthetic in any way and is blended with subtle hints of cedarwood, bergamot and chamomile. Feeling drowsy yet? The oil itself is a mix of coconut, jojoba and white tea seed oils and just two full pipettes dispersed into the bath is enough to make a real difference to the softness of your skin. This is also the perfect amount of oil to scent your entire bathroom so we can be sure the 100ml bottle is going to last quite some time and be worth your investment.

Not a fan of lavender? Love After Dark Bath Oil is a blend of rose, frankincense, ylang ylang and palmarosa for a seductively warming floral scent. Whilst their Glow After Dark Bath Oil is an uplifting combination of citrus and floral notes. Make sure you also take a peek at the matching face oils too, so you can carry on the scent experience right up until your head hits the pillow and before you know it you're already heaving the best nights sleep you've had in a long time.

A beautiful brand that don't believe in using nasty ingredients, and products that are worthy of your attention. Sweet dreams!    


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