www.phoebepark.com - 06 May 2015

www.phoebepark.com - 06 May 2015


kiss the moon, night time face oil, relaxing bath oil


Smell  "This oil is a gorgeous blend of Orange, Geranium and Myrrh, and the Litsea oil adds a lemongrassy smell. It only took a pipette or two in the bath to make my whole bathroom smell like an exotic spa."


Effectiveness "As well as relaxing through aromatherapy,  the whole Kiss the Moon range is also supposed to nourish your skin while you sleep. This oil is a blend of vitamin A, B & E rich coconut nut, jojoba and white tea seed oils. Soaps can be so drying that I was glad to find a bath product that moisturised the skin, although I did use a body cream after the bath as usual."   kiss the moon, relaxing bath oil, night time face oil Convenience  Kiss the Moon is available from www.kissthemoon.com and is priced at £38/100ml, which is not cheap, but they also have a range of face products for night time from £9.50, which I haven’t tried…yet.


Ingredients  It’s comforting to know that these oils are 100% natural, especially when you’re bathing in them. Each oil and flower essence has been chosen for its power to relax, nourish and restore.


The R Factor  R stands for recommend, and I loved these products from the gorgeous all black packaging to the quality ingredients, this oil is perfect for a relaxing night in after a busy week."

Phoebe Park, Beauty Blogger


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