Three ways that Kiss the Moon & the wonder that is water can make you feel better…


1. Step in to an aromatherapy shower

Did you know our Night-time Bath & Shower Oils can also be used in the shower? Because they are 100% natural and beautifully aromatic they are perfect to apply straight to the skin, massage in then step in to a warm steamy shower. The heat will release the essential oils and leave you relaxed and with gorgeously scented skin.

shower picture

Kiss the Moon recommends: GLOW Night-time Bath & Shower Oil used in the shower for a quick happiness boost on nights when you need to restore your spirits at the end of a tough day. 


2. Soothe aching feet

Been on your feet all day?  Aches and pains can keep us up at night and take the bounce out of step. So anything we can do to solve that is a winner. Our Bedtime Bath Salts double up as the perfect foot soak. Just fill a clean bowl with warm water, take a generous helping of our magnesium rich salts in one hand and scrub each foot before steeping them in the water for ten glorious minutes. The detoxifying salts help overworked muscles recover and the warmth chases the tiredness away.

 dream bedtime bath salts

Kiss the Moon recommends: DREAM Bedtime Bath Salts – they contain super soothing chamomile and lavender (also good at neutralising the odour of smelly feet).


3. Moisturise from top to toe

Skin that’s been hidden behind layers of woolly jumpers all winter can get dry and flaky. A soak in a warm (not too hot) tub that’s laced with luxurious bath oils is the lazy person’s way to solve it (and who doesn’t want that?). Our Night-time Bath & Shower Oils are made with skin-loving jojoba and vitamin E rich wheatgerm oils and are all natural (no skin stripping chemicals allowed). That means that you’ll step out of the bath not only relaxed and ready for your pjs but with skin that’s ready-moisturised from top to toe


Kiss the Moon recommends: GLOW Night-time Bath & Shower Oil –

Our GLOW blend of aromatherapy oils Orange, Geranium, Myrrh & Litsea to revive your spirit and help you fall asleep feeling positive. With Jojoba & Coconut oils to leave your skin nourished and moisturised from top to toe  Perfect to take with you on your long Easter weekend away to get your skin soft, smooth and lovely, ready for the Spring