Our Kiss the Moon range consists of four signature blends of nature’s most soothing essential oils. Each one chosen for their ability to help you sleep beautifully and nourish skin overnight

Our LOVE blend is the most romantic of the bunch. It features four of the most beautifully relaxing aromatherapy oils on earth. Together they have the power to lull you towards a contented sleep. While you are resting, they come to life to support your body’s night-time cell renewal. Keeping skin well-nourished, smooth and youthfully radiant

What is in our LOVE blend?

Rose - A timeless classic that supports the skin’s natural process to help it stay looking and feeling beautiful

Frankincense - Relied on since ancient times to help our minds wind down, find peace and to restore the spirit

Palmarosa - A gentle floral scent originally from India where it has been used for centuries to heal and calm

Ylang Ylang - An exotic flower from the South Sea islands with the power to relax and rebalance

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