Without the chance to just pop by for a chat and a check in, we are all missing the people who mean the most to us. Our team share the little acts of kindness they have been working on to send a little virtual hug to those they love

JO - "I’ll be sharing the love this month by getting my nicest pen and notecards out and sending handwritten messages to the people I’m missing. Zoom calls might be all the range but nothing beats going old school when you can’t be there in person"


WENDY - During lockdown my best friend and I have been making and delivering homemade food parcels for each other. It's our version of a care package. We miss socialising together so this is our way of saying "thinking of you"

tulips through the post

SUE - "I miss catch ups over coffees and the positivity my friends bring to my day, so I have been trying to send a little to them with flowers in the post to brighten their days"


lockdown pub club badge

ANNA - "I have really missed catching up with other Mums at the school gate, so we have set up a 'Lockdown Pub Club' where we have a drop in zoom call once a week set up so anyone who needs to can check in, with a big glass of wine, and have a good moan about homeschooling together"