Have your made any New Year Resolutions? Here’s are the promises the Kiss the Moon team members have made to themselves for the year ahead:


"My promise to myself for 2021 is to spend more time reading. It always seems to be the thing that drops off the list, yet time with a good book is almost always time well spent. I've got a pile to get through so, so my plan is to spend more time in this cosy corner taking my mind for a wander" Jo
katie yoga


"To get 2021 off to the best start we're all trying family yoga. There's nothing better than everyone feeling calm & relaxed before bedtime" Katie
be kind


"I’m choosing to try to connect in a more meaningfully way with my friends, family and the people around me. I’m committing to performing a daily activity which brightens someone else’s day, wether it’s helping a neighbour with their shopping, ringing an elderly person who is alone, or simply helping someone in need. Our hearts need human connection to feel safe and happy. Truly connecting with others is a challenge in these times but it’s still achievable and being kind is so good for your mental and physical well-being." Alex


 eat more veg


"At this time of year I normally start worrying about all the pounds I've piled on over the festive period and how I'm going to shift them with a new year diet. But this year I'm going to be a little kinder to myself and focus on what I can add into my diet to nourish my body (more veggies, more whole grains, more water) not what I usually restrict or take out (sugar, fat, carbs, booze)" Anna 




"My promise for 2021 is to find time to be more creative. Calligraphy was a hobby I took up during Lockdown and I find it a truly Mindful exercise. It helps me to wind down and brings me joy as I get lost in the moment" Wendy


sues plan


"Starting the day with a long dog walk is what I am committing to for 2021. Fresh air, some time to work through things on my mind and I even get to lose a few of those unwanted pounds gained over the Christmas period" Sue