The candle that helps you feel more positive - no wonder these have been flying off the shelves. We have been working super hard to make sure we have some more ready and they are now back in stock

The blend of essential oils used are great at helping everyone at home stay upbeat and positive. It helps shoo away worries with a finely balanced blend of Orange, Geranium. Myrrh & Litsea. Let it banish the blues and help you manage anxiety 


The orange tree gives us a host of beautiful oils that can be used to lift the spirit and help encourage a great night’s sleep. We’ve used the Petitgrain oil from the leaves, to deliver an uplifting scent that chases away anxiety and encourages a positive spirit to help you fall asleep with a smile on your face


Prized for its gentleness and beautiful flower scent, it’s aroma is considered to have a gently relaxing effect on the mood and work as a natural antidepressant


A complex scent of spice, wood and herbs it is said that in Ancient Greece, no soldier went to war without a paste of myrrh in his pouch. 


A sweet smelling, light citrus shrub used in Chinese medicine to calm the mind and spirit. A light citrusy scent which smells like a sweeter version of lemongrass. Litsea oil is also know in its native China as May Chang. We think this light, happy scent helps to bring a breath of fresh air to bedtime