As it’s so chilly outside we thought we’d share our ideas to help keep skin in tip top condition through the winter months. The constant see-sawing between low temperatures outdoors and central heated indoors can take its toll, zapping the moisture our skin needs and leaving it feeling dry and uncomfortable.

Here are a few things that might help...  


Consider replacing your regular daytime moisturiser with something a little heavier to give yourself a little more protection from the chill. Or, add a drop of oil to it to give you that extra bit of a boost



If your skin is feeling dry, steer clear of harsh soaps and alcohol based toners that can strip skin of their natural oils. Keep exfoliation gentle (and not too often) to avoid damaging the outer surface of the skin as this will speed up moisture loss



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As skin repair is most active at night, that's the time to give your skin the nutrients it needs to stay healthy. Choose a non-pore clogging, oil based treatment to deeply moisturise overnight. (Our After Dark Face Oils all contain Rosehip Seed Oil (rich in vitamin A) and Wheatgerm Oil (rich in vitamin E) - both vital nutrients for skin health.)  Don't forget the hidden bits

Step One - BATHE: A warm bath before bed is a great way to relax tired muscles and let your mind drift after a busy day. It’s also a perfect way to help you sleep as when we step out, our temperature falls and that’s a signal that nature sends out to tell our body to switch in to sleep mode.

Shins and backs of arms have less oil glands than other parts of our body so they easily become dry and flaky if you miss them out when moisturising. One of the reasons we love a night-time soak with a bath oil is that you can step out ready moisturised from top to toe - no lathering on of body lotion needed and no bits missed out



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Skin absorbs more moisturiser when it's still warm and damp so if you are going down the body lotion route, then apply straight after bathing or showering for maximum benefit.  


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Essential oils can work wonders to help dry and dehydrated skin - Neroli, Petitgrain, Orange and Geranium for example (found in our GLOW signature blend) are all known to be particularly effective. Our GLOW products also contain Myrrh - used for generations as a healing oil and great at treating dry and chapped skin.   If your skin is so dry it's itchy - look for something with lavender (eg. our DREAM products) or jasmine (found in our CALM products) or Roman Chamomile (in both)




If, like us, your feet spend their winter either stuffed inside chunky boots or snuggled up in furry slippers, then its no surprise that they can need a bit of love to keep them happy. Try a once a week feet treat - some gentle exfoliation to tackle any dry bits and then lather with a rich cream or oil - the richer the better (we love a spritz with Margaret Dabbs Foot Oil, or, if cracked heels are an issue, we swear by L'Occitane's Shea Butter Treatment). Apply to just washed feet before bed and then pop on a pair of clean cotton socks - perfect intensive care for your tootsies.  



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A good pair of gloves can be a godsend when its freezing outside, but hands also need a bit more tlc to keep them chap free through the winter. Place hand lotion next to your sink at home, alongside the hand-wash (we especially love the Aesop range because they are so beautifully scented). It'll help you get in to the habit of moisturising each time you wash your hands. At night, try our deeply nourishing LOVE Night Cream for Hands



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Keep moisturised from the inside out by drinking plenty of water. Also load up your shopping trolley with foods rich in healthy mono-saturated fats and omega-3 fatty acids such as oily fish; nuts; olive oil and avocados. Vitamin C rich food such as citrus fruit and dark green leafy veg help to keep your skin well protected by boosting collagen production, as well as helping you fend off pesky colds.