The power of a rose
January 31, 2015 - in Category: Night-time Know How About Us
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Since discovering how smell and sleep are interlinked, we’ve been doing a lot of homework on which scents work hardest to lull us to sleep.

No surprise then, that up towards the top of the list is the ‘Queen of Flowers’ – the rose. Famed since ancient times for its beautiful perfume, rumour has it that rose was the first flower to be distilled for its oil, way back in 10th century Persia.

Since then it has become a heroine of the aromatherapy and beauty world for its ability to calm emotions and and as the gentlest of all sedatives.  It also has some aphrodisiac qualities – maybe that’s why it’s the flower most closely associated with love.

Pure rose oil has a beneficial effect on the skin.  It is a tonic with very mild astringent qualities, so it can influence the capillaries in our skin and work on our skin’s circulation in general, diminishing redness and thread veins.  It’s particularly valuable for dry, sensitive and ageing skins.

Most rose oil used today is either rosa damascena, grown in Bulgaria, or rosa centifolia, grown around Grasse in France and in Morocco.  To get the benefits of this precious oil you need to make sure what you are using is pure and natural (look out for a rose absolute), and as you’d expect from something so precious, it does’t come cheap.  The good news is that just a single drop is so intense that a little goes a very long way.

The beautiful rose –  not just a pretty face it seems.

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