Here are the answers to some questions we often get asked. If you need anything further, please let us know via email to kiss@kissthemoon.com and we'll do our best to help

Order & Shipping Enquiries

How much is shipping?  STANDARD SHIPPING (Royal Mail Tracked parcel Delivery 2nd Class) is £2.50. You can also use the overnight courier service for £4.95 if you need your products in a hurry

Can I buy this if I live outside of the UK?  Yes you can! We are now able to ship to the USA and Canada, as well as the rest of the world. However we realise our DHL shipping charges are high and that some of our other retailers are able to offer free wordlwide delivery so do also have a look at www.lookfantastic.comwww.beautyexpert.com , wolfandbadger.com & www.lovelula.com where worldwide delivery is often offered free of charge, and savuebeauty.com if you are in Europe

When will my order arrive? Standard orders are sent out tracked Royal Mail 2nd Class and should be with you within 3-5 working days. If you need your products sooner there is the PREMIUM option of next day delivery for orders placed before 2pm. They will be transported overnight by courier for a signed delivery. For European and International deliveries we us DHL who deliver on a 48hr delivery system

How much does delivery cost?
Usually we offer a standard option of £2.50 via Royal Mail for UK deliveries and for orders over £45 standard delivery is free of charge. For courier delivery the charges do vary accordingly with distance so the charge is £4.95 for mainland UK, £8 for non-mainland UK, £15 for Europe & the Channel Islands and £20 for International Delivery

How do I send my order as a gift?
We have 2 options for gift orders which you can tick when you checkout. You can either tick the gift option which allows you to include a message and hide the prices on the packing slip or you can choose gift box option and we will gift box your order with ribbon and tags and include a handwritten card and envelope with your message

How do I use my promo code? Just add it into your order at the REVIEW ORDER stage of the checkout in the promo code window and we will automatically discount the offer from your order

How do I return something?
Should there be a fault with your product or if you decide it is not what you wanted please contact us at kiss@kissthemoon.com or on +44(0)1435 204446. Once you have contacted us and received an authorisation number please follow the procedure below to ensure your return is dealt with efficiently:

1. Please include a note giving the reason for return. This must include your order number, which you will be able to find on the original paperwork with the order or on the email we sent to confirm your order
2. Wrap the item securely in its original packaging (if possible) with all accessories. This is very important
3. Send the package to the address below

Returns Department,
The Runway,
BH23 4FL.
United Kingdom

4. Please mark your RA (Returns Authorisation) number clearly on the parcel
5. We will notify via email when we have processed your return

For further information about returns please see our T&C’s section

What should I do if my order has been damaged in transit?
Please contact the returns department and follow the returns procedures above

How do I find out about offers and promotions?
Sign up to our newsletter and we will keep you informed of all our new news

Can I get free samples?
We don’t have samples for our full range but our Discovery Set includes a 5ml bottle of the full range, which is a great way to trial them and work out your favourite

How can I pay? And is it secure?
We use Worldpay, where you are redirected to their payment page at checkout to securely enter your debit/credit card details. We accept Visa Electron, Visa, Mastercard and Amex. In terms of data protection, you can be reassured your details are safe. We only ever store expiry date and the last 4 numbers of the card


You can find Kiss the Moon at the following stores:


BAAR & BASS, 336 King's Rd, London SW3 5UR

MAKE ME FEEL PARAPHARMACIE, 25 Abbeville Rd, London, SW4 9LA

REVIVAL RETRO, 30 Windmill St, Fitzrovia, London W1T 2JL

FENWICK, Brent Cross Shopping Centre, London NW4 3FN 

ODETTE BEAUTY, 218 High St, Barnet, EN5 5SZ

WHITEMINT, 18 Holywell Hill, St Albans, Hertfordshire, AL1 1BZ

AYTEN GASSON, 32A Bath Street, Brighton, BN1 3TB



RACHEL USHER, 11 Swan Street, Bawtry, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, DN10 6JQ

MIDDLETON LODGE, Kneeton Ln, Middleton Tyas, Richmond DL10 6NJ

COVET, 1 Montpellier Gardens, Harrogate, HG1 2TF & 42 Back the Grove, Ilkley, LS29 9EE 



SAVUE GREEN BEAUTY SHOWROOM, Berlin, Germany. By private appointment - please contact info@savuebeauty.com oder or +49 30 61299563 


And we also stock certain lines online at the following sites:











We are opening new accounts all the time so check back regularly to see if there is a new store near you


If you are interested in become a stockist please drop us a line at kiss@kissthemoon.com telling us a little bit about your store, your location and why you think we would be a good brand fit and we will get back to you asap

Kiss the Moon practices

Do you test any of your products on animals?
Never. We love animals and would never take part in any animal testing

Do Kiss the Moon products contain parabens?
No - parabens are not present in any of our products. Everything we use is 100% natural and has been researched and tested for its safety, stability, and efficacy. To make sure the life of the product stays stable over time, we’ve used a natural preservative derived from wheatgerm, so nothing artificial has had to be added

Do Kiss the Moon products contain any synthetic colours or fragrances?
No. All our products are 100% natural

Product & ingredient information

I already use a night time eye cream – can I still use this with my Kiss the Moon face oil?
Yes, all our products are really gentle and won't react with anything else you are using.  In fact our oils are really easily absorbed by the skin and so may help any other product you are using to penetrate.  Just put our face oil on first and then your usual product on top

Can I use Kiss the Moon products every night?
Our products work best when they as used as part of a regular routine.  However, please do feel free to explore the different aromas in our range.  Our senses can sometimes get used to essential oils when the same ones are used every time and so swapping to a different blend now and again has benefits in terms of maximum positive impact

Do Kiss the Moon products have an expiry date?
As we contain no added artificial preservatives, we recommend using your products within 6 months of opening them. Light, temperature and exposure to the air can have an impact on the carrier oils we use. So its best to keep them in their specially designed, light-blocking black bottles away from radiators or direct sunlight and close the lid tightly after each use. Unopened products have a shelf life of 2 years

I want some of advice on which product to get, can you help?
Of course, just give us a call on +44(0)1425204446 and one of our team can help with product advice, shipping, returns or ordering

Are Kiss the Moon products organic?
The oils we use are from plants that are organically grown for their therapeutic benefits by small co-operative farmers. Although they do not have official organic certification (this can be a costly process and something the smaller growers often struggle to afford), our grower’s focus is on the quality of their harvest, so everything is naturally farmed and their practices are pesticide free

After Dark Balms

What are the ingredients in the After Dark Balms? Our After Dark Balms are made by our high quality signature blends (currently in Dream & Calm) hand mixed with pure Shea Butter and White Tea Seed Oil. They are 100% natural and contain no added preservatives, perfumes or colourants.

Why have you used Shea Butter in your After Dark Balms? Shea Butter is one of the most nourishing natural ingredients that exists. It’s beautifully healing and we love the way it melts on contact with skin, releasing the essential oils we’ve added.  It is colourless and almost odourless so the perfect base that lets our sleep-inducing essential oils shine through.

Where should I store my After Dark Balm? All our products are best kept in a dark cool space.  Shea Butter is a natural substance so will melt if it gets too warm. Avoid sunny window ledges and radiators.  Don’t worry if it does melt, it will solidify again on cooling without impacting the effectiveness of the product.

My After Dark Balm has gone a little grainy – should I return it?Don’t worry it’s fine – the slight granulation you might see if a result of the product being 100% natural.  We’ve used pure shea butter as the base because it is beautifully nourishing and the perfect carrier for our essential oils.  However because it is natural it can be sensitive to temperature. If it gets to warm it may granulate slightly but this doesn’t impact on the effectiveness of the product.  I will still melt on contact with the skin and the sleep-induciing essential oils will be unaffected.  However if you do want to make it smooth again. Just place a well closed jar in a bowl of hot water – to melt it slightly and them pop it in the fridge to cool. It should emerge smooth and silky again. Best to store your balm in a cool place to avoid temperature fluctuations if possible.  Of course, if you are still worried about your product please do contact us to let us know so we can sort this out for you.

I’m a a vegetarian – are there any animal products used in the After Dark Balms? No.  All are products are plant based.  The main ingredient in out balms is She Butter which is made from the nut of the Shea tree – a tree native to Africa.  All Kiss the Moon products are made without testing on animals and we have been awarded Leaping Bunny symbol to indicate we are against animal cruelty. 

after dark face polish

What's in it? Our Face Polish is a 100% natural product with no nasties. Our ingredients can be found here but the main components are raw soft brown sugar (unbleached which is why it has a lovely dark caramel colour), mango butter and out GLOW essential oils including orange, geranium, myrrh and litsea. By using a natural exfoliate we are able to avoid environmental pollutants like microbeads


Why sugar? Sugar is a natural source of glycolic acid. It is an AHA (alpha hydroxyl acid) which helps to chemically exfoliate the skin of the skin by loosening the bonds between skin cells. It is an ingredient commonly found in skin peels and anti-ageing serums. Due to its ability to increase skin turnover and generate fresh, younger–looking skin, it is effective in treating acne, acne scarring, hyperpigmentation and fine lines and wrinkles. The small particles of sugar, also make it an excellent physical exfolitant and less likely to damage fragile skin cells by too vigorous massaging


How often should I use it ? - once or twice a week at night after cleansing. For best results follow with a face oil. Using it more frequently can over exfoliate the skin and upset skin cells natural balance


Can I use it with other products that contain AHAs? Because AHAs chemically exfoliate the skin by loosening the bonds between skin cells it is recommend that you do not use these products more than once or twice a week. This means if you are also using other serums and skin-peels that include AHAs you should count these as part of your overall weekly regime


How do I use it? Dampen your fingers and apply to a cleansed face then massage gently using small circular movements. Once the sugar dissolves you'll feel the creaminess of the mango butter as it begins to deeply moisturise. Rinse thoroughly with warm water to remove. Keep massaging until you feel the softness of the mango butter on your skin. For a gentler exfoliation, wet your face first with warm water. For a real skin treat follow up with one of our After Dark Face Oils


I have sensitive skin - can I still use it? We recommend diluting the Face Polish with some warm water for more sensitive skin, either by wetting your face first or mixing it on the back of your hand before application. Sugar does contain natural AHAs which is what makes it an effective exfoliant. These remove surface skin cells, so for those with super sensitive skin it might be worth doing a spot test first

After Dark Pillow Mists


What are the ingredients in the After Dark Pillow Mists? Our night time pillow mists are 100% natural and made by blending our signature essential oil blends with floral hydrosols (also called hydrolats) - flower water made form the petals of lavender and rose during the making of essential oils.  They also contain denatured alcohol (also called ethanol)  – 100% natural and made from fermented sugars and commonly used in the cosmetic industry

What is glycerol and why have you added it to your Pillow Mists? The glycerol is derived from plants (ours is soya bean). Glycerol is a very simple sugar alcohol that is widely used in the cosmetic industry for solubilising, improving smoothness, providing lubrication and as a humectant

Are the Pillow Mists safe to use on my skin? Although our products are 100% natural, we don’t recommend spraying directly on to skin.  Instead, spray in to the air around your pillows and sheets before getting in, to scent the room before sleep  

How far away should I hold the Mist before spraying on to bedding? We recommend spraying in to the air above your bed so a light mist falls gently rather than spraying directly on to bedding.  That way you avoid any watermarks.  Not recommended to spray directly on to fabric or skin

How do I attached the atomiser to the top of my Pillow Mist bottle? To ensure your Mist arrives with you safely without any spilling, we’ve closed it with a travel lid.  In the velvet bag inside the box you’ll find a screw on atomiser. Just remove the metal travel top, screw the atomiser on in its place, securing it tightly and you are ready to go.  Please keep the travel top if you want to transport the product anywhere as this is the best way to make sure it arrives without any leakage

Do you do refills? Not currently - but we would love to do this in the future once we are a little bigger

Why do the After Dark Pillow Mists say 'shake before use’? Because we have chosen to keep our After Dark Pillow Mists are 100% natural, some natural separation of ingredients may occur over time. We want you to get the same beautiful aroma every time so a little shake before using helps to ensure this






At Kiss the Moon we have extended our range of beauty & wellness products, designed to help you unwind and relax at bedtime, with the launch of a range of environmentally friendly, 100% natural aromatherapy candles


Everything we create is made with care and respect for the environment using only natural ingredients. Each candle is hand-poured in small batches in the UK and made using natural pure soy wax and the highest grade, braided cotton wicks to maximise the burn time and ensure a clean, soot-free burn. The candles have been created through working in collaboration with the team of soy candle experts at the Northumbrian Candleworks.


Available in two sizes: 

• Travel size - 90ml (burn time c.22hrs) 

• Full size - 240ml (burn time c.50hrs) 

The candles come in etched glass, matt black candle jars that match the rest of Kiss the Moon’s luxurious night-time range.


Bedtime Bath Infusions

What are the ingredients inside the Bedtime Bath Infusions?

Our Bedtime Bath Infusions are made using our signature blend of high quality essential oils hand blended with Epsom Salts & Dead Sea Salts.  We’ve also added some Coconut Seed oil (chosen because it disperses naturally in water) and White Tea Seed oil to give an extra boost of anti-oxidants.  Finally, as an extra touch of luxury, each of the infusions contains dried flowers and white tea leaves which unfurl inside the muslin pouch on contact with the water.  Everything is 100% natural and each nfsuionis made by hand


How do I use the Bedtime Bath Infusions?

Once your bath is run. Drop a single infusion into the water. It will sink initially but as the salts start to melt and the essential oils start to be released into the water it will soon float to the surface. At that point, remove the bag and step into the tub.  The water will be beautifully scented and you will benefit from the salts without the need for grainy bits or having to fish out flowers at the end of your soak


When I use my Bedtime Bath Infusion - can I untie the muslin bag and drop the contents into the water direct?

Of course you can untie them if you would like to but there’s no need – just drop the whole bag in to the water to benefit from the salts and oil. That way you won’t have any grainy salts to content with or any flowers to fish out at the end of your soak.


I have seen you make both Bedtime Bath Infusions and After Dark Bath Oil – what’s the difference?

Our Bath Oils are made using Coconut Seed oil, White Tea Seed oil and our signature blends of sleep-inducing essential oils (available in LOVE, GLOW & DREAM). Use nightly to help relax your body and mind before bed and to deeply moisturise and nourish your skin overnight.  Our bath oils are sold in 100ml and 5ml bottles


Our Bedtime Bath Infusions come in four individual hand-tied muslin bags - use one per soak.  Each one contains mineral salts (both Epsom Salt & Dead Sea Salts) to soften the skin and to ease aching muscles for ultimate relaxation.  They also contain our sleep-inducing signature essential oils blends – available in all four blends (LOVE, GLOW, DREAM & CALM) and so are amazing before bed to help you sleep soundly  

Skin care concerns

I’ve got really sensitive skin – can I still use your products?
We don't have any harsh ingredients in any of our products but if you know your skin trends to be sensitive it is always best to do a small patch test first. Of all our products, DREAM bath oil is the gentlest of the lot so if you are unsure maybe give that one a try first

Will the product make my skin oily?
Botanical oils such as the ones we have selected are close in composition to the makeup of skin’s natural sebum. This means they can in fact help the body to balance its own sebum production and so are less likely to make your skin oily than many other substances you put on your face.
On top of that, we’ve carefully selected the best carrier oils to ensure they are light enough to be absorbed quickly, but rich enough to give your skin the overnight nourishment it needs

Sleep concerns

Which product works best to help sleep?
All our products are formulated to help you get in the right state of mind for a good night’s sleep.  However the different essential oils we have chosen are renowned for working in slightly different ways – some, such as Frankincense are great at calming the mind, while others – such as Cedarwood are used to ease aching muscles.  So, depending on what it is that’s getting in the way of sleep, have a look though our ingredient list to see which one of our range might be best for you.  And remember – our sense of smell is very instinctive, so if you really like an aroma that one is probably the right one for you. To choose what’s right it often is best to let your nose be the guide

Allergies & concerns

Can Kiss the Moon products be used during pregnancy and while breast-feeding?
Because essential oils can have such a powerful effect on the body, some are not recommended for use when pregnant or lactating.  While we have avoided using any of those that most commonly cause concern, we do recommend speaking to your midwife to check what they recommend for you 

Do your products contain nuts?
Our bath oils contain pure Coconut oil and Jojoba Seed oil and our face oils contain Apricot Kernel oil. Just in case, please check the full ingredient list and use with caution if you have a known nut allergy