We’ve been out and about this month talking to lots of people about their daily routines and about what they do to get in to sleep mode. What’s become really clear from all these conversations is how much we try to stack in to our lives these days. Modern life seems to be non-stop – full of deadlines and an never ending list of things to remember and stuff to do

Sound familiar? Don’t worry – we have a plan

The biggest single tip we can give to help manage all this is to put time aside each evening for a bit of well deserved Me-time. Even a fifteen minute wind down at night can act like a pressure valve, helping you make sense of the day and quieten your mind before bed

Spend the time doing something you love and that makes you feel calm. Our first choice would be to head straight to the only room in the house with a lock on the door - the bathroom. Run yourself a deep warm bath then add music, soft lighting and a generous helping of your favourite relaxing bath oil. The soothing effect of a soak in scented, warm water helps to relax muscles and the slight fall in temperature as you step out nudges your body in to sleep mode

end of day me time in the bath

Putting time aside to slow down before bed is the single biggest thing you can do to help yourself sleep better.

Who doesn't deserve that?

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