We all know that air travel can upset your sleep and your skin. So how do air stewardesses manage to look so glamorous despite spending so much time at 36'000ft?  We got some insider tips from the Virgin Atlantic flight crew on how to fly the world and stay looking gorgeous.  


“Go to bed tired, it’s the surest way of making sure you drop off as soon as you head hits the pillow.”

“Create a bed time routine – wherever you are and whatever the time zone if you have two of three simple steps you go through every night before bed then it helps to get you in the right frame of mind for sleep.”

“For short trips, if your schedule allows, stay on your home time zone. It takes a few days for you body to adjust so if you are flying back within a day or two it’s often the best not to try to adjust if you can.”

“When you get home, try your best to stay awake and go to bed at your usual time.”

“If you absolutely have to sleep during the day, give yourself three hours. That’s enough for you body to go through an entire sleep cycle so you’ll wake up more refreshed than if you were to wake up mid cycle.”


Flight crew skin tips:

“Drink water. Always.”

“I drink hot water with lemon when I fly – it’s cleansing and keeps my skin hydrated.”

“Invest in a really rich cream or face oil with lots of nutrients in.”

“Take time to have a regular facial.”

"However tired you are when you get home, make sure the first thing you do is take your makeup off properly.  Skin needs time to breath so when I'm not at work I keep things light - just a bit of mascara, powder and lipstick to give my skin some time off."


Drink up, skin tips for travellers