What do you mean you haven’t tried a face oil yet?

There’s a reason that top skincare experts recommend a face oil. They know that it’s the secret to healthy cell renewal and a natural glow. If the idea of putting an oil on your face still makes you feel nervous then don’t be. Even for the oily skin types, there’s a face oil that can help your skin recover its natural balance and calm things down. And for more mature skin and skin that is prone to dryness then a face oil can really work wonders. Here’s why…

#1 Bolstering skin’s protective layer

One of skin’s most important is to act as effective barrier – keeping in the good stuff such as moisture and essential nutrients and protecting us from the harmful stuff as bacteria. When skin’s outer layer starts to break down the resulting water loss leaves skin feeling dry, flaky and lacklustre. Face oils work in tandem with skin’s own oils to help shore up this barrier, softening and sealing it and providing the essential nutrient it needs to stay plump and healthy

glow ingredients

Try: Our GLOW blend of aromatherapy oils ORANGE, GERANIUM, MYRRH & LITSEA combined with vitamin E rich WHEATGERM OIL 

Perfect for: Reviving dry or dehydrated skin and restoring skin’s natural healthy glow


#2 Boosting cell renewal

Face oils can work wonders to keep skin looking young. Many oils, such as the Rosehip Seed we use in our Kiss the Moon face oils, are high in free-radical fighting, Vitamin A. This natural defence system for the skin cells helps fight off signs of ageing such as wrinkle and helps the cell renewal process stay productive and healthy

love blend

Try: Our LOVE blend of aromatherapy oils ROSE, FRANKINCENSE, PALMAROSA & YLANG YLANG combined with vitamin A rich ROSEHIP SEED OIL

Perfect for: Rejuvenating mature skin and keeping skin looking young


#3 Rebalancing skin’s natural equilibrium

We know it sounds counter-intuitive but oily skin does often benefit from a face oil. Skin naturally produces oils and lipids. They are the ‘glue’ that makes the outer layer of skin cells such an effective barrier. Skin that is over oily is a sign that these natural oil production processes have gone haywire. Skin starts pumping out more oil that it can cope with and the result is greasiness and a risk of breakouts and flare ups. The key is that the root-cause of this over production is that skin is craving oil, that’s’ why it starts pumping more and more of it out. Applying a face oil allows skin to press the pause button and return to normal. Over-production slows down then returns to balanced levels. Happy days

calm blend

Try: Our CALM blend of aromatherapy oils JASMINE, CHAMOMILE, YLANG YLANG & SANDALWOOD combined with omega-rich WHITE TEA SEED OIL

Perfect for: Rebalancing stressed out skin that’s prone to oiliness and breakouts


Your Face Oil Experience starts here…

 face oil samples

If you haven’t tried a face oil yet, then here’s your chance. We’re including a 3ml sample of our night-time face oils in all orders over £10 for the rest of May. Just tell us which blend is right for your skin type and we’ll pop one in your Kiss the Moon box of goodies. We have three aromatherapy blends to choose from so you can find the perfect match for your skin needs. 

Choose from:

combined with vitamin A rich ROSEHIP SEED OIL to help you relax at bedtime
and keep skin looking young 

GLOW with ORANGE, GERANIUM, MYRRH & LITSEA combined with vitamin E rich WHEATGERM OIL to revive dry and dehydrated skin overnight and help brighten your mood at bedtime

combined with omega-rich WHITE TEA SEED OIL to rebalance stressed out skin and quieten the mind at bedtime




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