Smile – it’s holiday season. If there’s one month that makes us giddy happy it’s July. The combination of warm weather and the promise of some well-earned time off makes us want to reach for our flip flops, pull on our easy clothes and have some fun

We’ve fallen in love with this definition of joy – ‘gladness not based on circumstance’. It’s a timely reminder that joy comes from the inside and is within our control most of the time. Even when times get tough, joy is possible. Maybe it starts with gratitude for the things in life that make us smile. Even the smallest things that bounce our way in everyday life have the potential to bring a second of joy with them.  We’re often too busy to notice them but with the long days of summer at hand, maybe this is the month to take a little time to acknowledge them and smile

Happy July everyone

July 18 Inspiration Board: Jump for Joy