Is your to do list longer than ever since the lockdown took hold? We know from experience that for many this enforced ‘down time’ is anything but. Some of us are having to navigate the challenge of trying to keep our work lives going from home while juggling the demands of a bored family. Others are on call helping our neighbours and friends whenever they can, and some have committed to such an intense self-improvement programme that it’s making our heads spin 

Well guess what lovely people - it’s the extra long weekend so that means we all deserve a holiday. We’ve decided for the next four days there is just one thing in our calendar and that’s to make time to play 

Play makes us happy, exercises our imagination and helps us make difference types of connections to those we are sharing our homes with. So let’s think like and 8 year old and build play in to every day. It’s a surefire to help us all have a giggle over the next few days. And that is, most definitely good for the soul

Happy Easter everyone  

easter egg choclate moulds