Psychologies Feb 2016 featuring Kiss the Moon

Thank you to the Health & Wellbeing team at Psychologies Magazine for featuring us in their Feb 2016 issue. They know the stress-busting benefits of a lovely soak in an natural aromatherapy bath so it's great to get their seal of approval. Our After Dark Bath Oils are available in LOVE (the rose one), GLOW (the orangey one) and DREAM (the freshly cut lavender one). The blends of essential oils we've chosen are designed to soothe so they all help you get in to sleep mode - making them perfect for a pre-bedtime bath. The jojoba and coconut oil in there also helps to nourish your skin. You'll step out of the bath ready moistured from top to toe - just slip in to your pjs and drift off to sleep. Explore our Kiss the Moon Bath range here.  Night night everyone. PsychologiesMag1