We’ve been waiting for this day for ages. It’s so great to be able to open the doors to our new Kiss the Moon HQ and invite you all in at last

JO AT THE COUNTER IN KISS THE MOON ASKEIf you can’t make it to sunny North Yorkshire, we thought we’d give you a virtual tour and walk you through some of the ways we’ve made the space super-eco – just like our products…


Walls by molo design 

We fell in love with these clever cardboard partition walls at first sight. Designed by Stephanie Forsythe + Todd MacAllen (and available via www.gordonyoungarchitects.com) they fold away to the thickness of a book and can be stacked and curved to make the perfect organic shapes. We love that they give us the flex to adjust the space as we fancy and that the paper which they are made from comes from wood harvested from FSC® certified responsible sources. It is then coated with a non-toxic fire retardant and structured in layers to create the softwall partition. How clever is that?


Cork by Puretree 

We’ll admit it. We’ve got a bit of a thing about cork. Not only is it practical super stylish it’s planet friendly. Cork is a 100% natural plant tissue that comes from the Cork Oak tree. Unlike wood, cork is stripped from the bark of the tree and, in time, regrows making it 100% renewable and completely sustainable. It’s also naturally fire retardant and doesn’t emit any toxins making it a perfect choice for public spaces. We love the way it warms up our new space – especially when the sunshine hits it



Flowers & Plants by Flowerbx 

With so much natural light it would be a shame not to go a little plant crazy in our new space, so we’ve invested in some gorgeous greenery including a rather gorgeous fiddle-leafed fig and our very own orange mini tree. We’ll do our best to keep them happy and healthy and they’ll return the favour by pumping our oxygen and purifying the air. Of course, you can expect to see flashes of colour in the form of the season’s best flowers. We’ve fallen for flowerbx.com big time. They source their flowers direct from the growers and ship nationwide. They always have something irresistible to tempt us. just look at these beauties and you can see what we mean…



If you are anywhere near Richmond, North Yorkshire please do swing by to say hi and stock up on your Kiss the Moon favourites.

Kiss the Moon HQ, 3 The Riding School, Aske, Richmond, DL10 5HQ. Open Mon-Fri 10-4pm or by appointment (call 01748 822888 or email us for details)