We love the gorgeous luxury leather flats from Nataschca at Taschka Shoes.

Did you know each of their shoes is named after the three letter airport codes of many a dreamy destination around the world? The subtle hints of each location are apparent to those in the know; from the bar detail of FLO (Florence) reminiscent of the many bridges of the Renaissance city, the contemporary take on the Indian slipper in the form of JAI (Jaipur) to the chic heart detail of french-inspired ANE (Loire Valley) and more recently, the vibrant, daring lace up LAX (Los Angeles) with it’s sparkle, spots and candy stripes.

Taschka JFK shoes

As part of their Meet The Maker event at Wolf & Badger last Saturday, the first 5 customers to purchase their new #Taschka shoes receiveda gift bag of things we love for our travels. Included was this Kiss the Moon CALM Sleep Balm, one of Nataschca's favourite hand luggage beauty essentials 

Don't leave home without it