We love a good cuppa here at Kiss the Moon HQ but at some times of day it makes sense to dodge the caffeine to avoid it messing with your sleep patterns. Black tea has almost as much caffeine in it as coffee and even green and white teas have their fair share. The good news is that there are a whole raft of natural wonders that make a great alternative. Not only do they taste good, they bring their own health benefits. Here are three of our caffeine-free favourites, all to be found growing in an English country garden.

Nettle: It might be a bad guy in the garden but turn it in to a tea and nettle transforms in to a health hero. Considered to be cleansing to the kidneys and liver. Its anti-inflammatory properties also make it considered by some to be helpful for arthritis. Its smooth, grassy taste makes it a good accompaniment to savoury dishes.

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Fennel: Light and fresh with a slight aniseed flavour, fennel tea is made from the tiny seeds of the towering plants. Traditionally used to aid digestion, it’s perfect to sip after a meal.

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Chamomile: One our favourites for obvious reasons. The gentle, sweet-scented is an instant soother – perfect for bedtime. Chamomile is known for its sleep-inducing properties and its ability to help your mind switch off and relax. They are the reasons we use this daisy-like flower’s essential oil in our DREAM and CALM blends and also why we love it in tea form before we turn of the light at night.

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Caffeine-free Teas: Sleep-inducing Chamomile

NB. As with all herbal remedies, it's always worth reading the packaging to check for any side effects and check with your doctor if on any medication before drinking. Just in case.