Brrr - it's chilly out there. Good news we say as it's the perfect excuse to get indoors and get cosy. We've got eight gorgeous ways you can dial up the comfort. We've even done some window-shopping for you in some of our most loved places to hunt for luxurious, comfortable and stylish stuff that keeps you toasty.  Get ready to be tempted... 

1. A sumptuous quilt Wrapping up warm in bed is a must. Too cold and you'll wake up midway through the night seeking some more covers. So it's time to tog up to the higher level duvet or, even better, go for the whole caboodle and invest in a gorgeous quilt that looks as good as it feels. We love these Vivienne Quilted throws from The Secret Linen Store available in a range of dusky shades like rose, mustard and spice from £109

yellow quilt


2. Toasty pjs It's definitely proper pyjamas time, not your silky chemises and cotton sleep shorts. We love them at least one size too big and as soft and comfy as you can muster. We're lusting after these tulip print flannel beauties from toa.st  £125

toast pjs


3. A deliciously thick mattress topper Mattress toppers don't just make your bed comfier and toastier, they also prolong the life of your mattress. There's a few different types to choose from. To work out which one to go for, check out Yorkshire bedding experts The Linen Cupboard. . As well as their range of mattress toppers, they also sell unusual shapes and sizes of sheets and pillow cases

mattress topper


4. Woolly socks Our extremities are the first places to feel the pinch of the cold. Avoid all that with some gorgeous woolly socks. We have a whole selection in store and online but these cute 'eye' socks are one of our favourites 

cosy eye socks


5. Blankets & throws As we head towards Spring, the weather gets a little more changeable. The answer is to layer up. In terms of home furnishings - a throw within arms reach is a must have. Whether it's over the end of your bed or on the arm of a sofa - make sure the places you curl up have a lovely throw ready and waiting. These gorgeous throw blankets we have in store have been innovatively designed to minimize shedding and are made from 100% recycled materials - including plastic water bottles. £58

artic blanket


6. Ready washed linen Reasons to love linen? Not only does it look tres chic (without the need for ironing - yes!) - but it also 100% natural and eco-friendly to create (the flax it comes from just uses rainwater to grow, so no need for lots of chemicals or pesticides). It's also lovely for the skin - naturally hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial. Its breathability means it is clever enough to keep you toasty in the cold and keep you cool in the heat - an important consideration when it comes to bedding as temperature control is important to help you sleep soundly through the night. Treat linen right and it'll last a lifetime, getting better and better with every wash. We love the linens from www.pigletinbed.com - go check them out

piglet in bed

Hope you find a way to keep yourself cosy - it's chilly out there