Dragging yourself away from social media can be made easier if you have something else to distract you. Using your time to get hands on making can also help with the digital detox and be very rewarding

We don't need the talent of Picasso to be creative, here are our five easy ways to get crafty that we think are worth giving a go 



The latest craft craze on Pinterest for the nimble fingered amongst us is macrame, specifically macrame wallhangings. These beautiful art works are a far cry from the rope plant pot holders we all took home from primary school. There are even plenty of ready made kits out there with everything you need to make your own masterpiece - including instructions. Check out the offerings at John Lewis and Etsy

 macrame wall hanging from etsy

image found on Pinterest from Etsy.com



If you go down to the woods today you're sure of a big surprise... Another heart-warming craft craze that is sweeping the nation's fields, forests, parks and beaches is the Love On the Rocks movement. Members paint rocks and then hide them in nature for small (and big!) people to find, photograph and re-hide. Paint a few yourself or go on the hunt for some

be kind painted pebble


Another blast for the past in terms craft activities but these days so much more than loo roll holder dollies. Another very therapeutic art to keep your hands busy and away from your phone. There are loads of instagramers and bloggers out there demoing the most amazing patterns and yarns and (we are assured) it is a much easier skill to master than traditional knitting. Check out Bellacoco and attic24 as two of our favourites for inspiration and the basic tools to start you off

 kiss the moon and crochet

image from one.11.makes on Instagram


Furoshiki - the art of wrapping using cloth - is a tradition from Japan and one very relevant to those of us trying to embrace more eco-friendly habits in our every day. Rather than wrapping with disposable paper and film you use a single piece of cloth to wrap boxes, everyday objects and gifts. Check out the story behind it and some of the different tying methods courtesy of the 1 Million Women project.

At little pre-emptive for Christmas wrapping perhaps, but practicing the different ties now will give you plenty of time to perfect your skills

furoshiki wrapping from manmadediy.com

image found on Pinterest from manmadediy.com



With Great British Bake Off back on our screens in August it might also be time to get the pinny out again. You can whip up some scones in just 15 mins if you've got the right ingredients in, but for those of us a little less organised there is always a bake box. Like the meal delivery kits, these baking boxes often work on a subscription model sending you all the ingredients you need for single baked creation through the letterbox once a month. Great for the summer holidays and keeping the kids occupied too. Have a look at what's on offer at Baked In and Mybakes - we can highly recommend their salted caramel chocolate brownies!


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