Have you ever lost track of time while engrossed in online stories or posts that leave you feeling anxious or distressed? This is a phenomenon known as "doomscrolling."

So why do we do this? We find ourselves down this digital rabbit hole for a multitude of reasons, but often it is linked to trying to find some control in a world that constantly appears to be spiralling out of control. We have all done it. We pick up our phone in a spare moment to have quick look at Facebook, next thing you know 10mins have passed and you have been fed stories, some of which have negatively impacted your mood. The issue is you have not control of what your are being served and it is increasingly likely that these will leave you feeling upset and anxious. It is an easy step to get into but it isn't great for our mental health 

Here are some techniques to try and get yourself out of the downward social media spiral

  1. Shift your focus. Once you become aware of your current activity, immediately cease it. Divert your attention to another online task or consider setting aside your phone or logging out of your computer

  2. Impose a time constraint. While staying informed is important, safeguard against plunging into excessive scrolling by capping your screen time to just 20 minutes

  3. Embrace positivity. Rather than succumbing to doomscrolling, opt for watching something humorous, perusing family photos, or indulging in a heartwarming story about positive events in the world

  4. Cultivate gratitude. Channel your thoughts toward things you're thankful for instead of dwelling on sources of fear and anxiety