Dressing for Bed - Guest Blog by Blue Marmalade

Dressing for Bed - Guest Blog by Blue Marmalade

Choosing what to wear to bed impacts on how beautifully we sleep. We spoke to the experts at Blue Marmalade, creators of gorgeous nightwear that delivers on both glamour and comfort, to hear their views on exactly what makes the perfect outfit for a great night's sleep.

Here's what we found out...  

The perfect night’s sleep. We think about it a lot. Because what we wear before bed and in bed can have such an impact on how well we sleep when our heads hit the pillow. When it comes to finding the perfect pyjamas, The National Sleep Foundation thinks that first and foremost we should think about fabric. And so that’s where we start. For many people, a silk nightdress is the ultimate in bedtime luxury. Glorious to pad about in the evening, insulating to wear in bed. But if you don’t like silk fabric slipping and sliding in the night, we recommend trying a blend. A cotton silk has the luxury of silk but with a less silky feel. Or why not discover our truly beautiful Modal fabric. Incredibly soft and breathable, it has a stretch to it so it moves with you in bed. Practicalities aside, how we dress for bed says something about our approach to sleep. As Dr Naiman suggests in his article ‘Dressed for rest: Can bedclothes affect our sleep?’, how we dress for the day affects how others view us and how we view ourselves. If we shed our clothes at bedtime is it because we view sleep as a period of inactivity? When it’s anything but.

How would our sleep change if we dressed for bed?  Creating the conditions for the perfect night’s sleep starts with how you think about sleep. Prepare for it, value it, treasure it.   Silk? Modal? Bamboo? 

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