Our four sleep-inducing aromatherapy blends has a different flower hero at their heart. Each one brings something different to the party to help you get a better night’s rest and to work its magic on your skin while you are sleeping. Meet the fabulous four...


ROSE (Rose Absolute)

Famed since ancient times for its beautiful perfume, rumour has it that rose was the first flower to be distilled for its oil, way back in 10th century Persia. Since then it has become a heroine of the aromatherapy world as the gentlest of all sedatives.  It also has some aphrodisiac qualities - maybe that’s why it’s the flower most closely associated with love.

Pure rose oil has a beneficial effect on the skin.  It is a tonic with very mild astringent qualities, so it can influence the capillaries in our skin and work on our skin’s circulation in general, diminishing redness and thread veins.  It’s rejuvenating powers mean it is particularly valuable for older skins, helping them retain a youthful texture and tone.

Most rose oil used today is either rosa damascena, grown in Bulgaria, or rosa centifolia, grown around Grasse in France and in Morocco.  

To get the benefits of this precious oil you need to make sure what you are using is pure and natural (look out for a rose absolute), and as you’d expect from something so precious, it does’t come cheap.  The good news is that just a single drop is so intense that a little goes a very long way.

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When it comes to aromatherapy, the orange tree is a hard worker - providing three different types of essential oils from different parts of the plant, each with a contribution to make towards helping create a relaxed, positive mood and sense of well-being. 

When it comes to helping you get in the right frame of mind for sleep, the true is neroli oil - a precious flower essential oil distilled from orange blossom.  It’s named after an ancient Italian princess who fell in love with the perfume.  No wonder she fell for its charms - it’s not only beautiful as a scent, but is mildly sedative and can calm states of anxiety - so great for nights when your mind is working overtime and you need it to still.

Neroli is also gorgeous for the skin as it stimulates growth of new cells.  It’s known in beauty industry as nature’s cell booster and is used to give skin a healthy glow. We've paired it with Wheatgerm Oil in our GLOW After Dark Face Oil and GLOW After Dark Face Polish to make a perfect skincare duo that nourishes and revives skin that is tired, dry or dehydrated.

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JASMINE (Jasmine Absolute)

A precious oil absolute from flowers picked at night when their warm, relaxing aromas are at their most potent. This beautifully scented flower comes to life at night time. It takes a huge a number of petals to produce the Absolute we use in our CALM After Dark Face Oils and CALM Sleep Balms. However, it’s worth it for its ability to quieten the nerves and encourage a feeling of confidence and optimism.

Jasmine oil is also a valuable skin treatment – used to aid elasticity, assist with anti-scarring and to rebalance unhappy skin. Perfect to settle skin that is prone to flare ups or breakouts.

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LAVENDER (French Lavender Oil)

This sleep inducing essential oil well-known for its ability to relax muscles and bring peace to over-active mindsThe lavender we use in our DREAM range is naturally farmed by a growers in France who pride themselves on producing highly therapeutic quality crops. That’s vital to us because high quality lavender oil has been clinically proven to help aid sleep.

One of the most versatile oils of all, lavender really is a perfect night-time treat as it soothes both mind and body. As well as being an effective sedative, lavender oil can be very skin-friendly – helping balance skin’s sebum production and encourage healthy new cells to form. It also is used to help healing and prevent scarring.

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